Protein for the Next Generation
of Animal Nutrition

Feeding the growing population is becoming increasingly more complex, as it has been estimated that consumption of livestock, poultry and fish will double by 2050. To meet these needs, producers will have to find more efficient, sustainable, cost-effective solutions to feed their animals.

We’ve created one such solution – we call it NexPro®, a next-generation protein ingredient derived from the dry-mill bioethanol production process. As a 50 percent protein product, NexPro protein ingredient is a great choice for a multitude of animal feeds – from poultry to swine, aquaculture to pet food.

Ingredient %
Dry Matter 93.00
Crude Protein 50.10
Crude Fat 3.11
Crude Fiber 5.50
Ash 4.0
Phosphorus 0.52
NDF 33.0
ADF 13.0
Lysine 2.01
Methionine 1.01
TSAA 1.88
Threonine 2.00
Tryptophan 0.43
Phenylalanine 2.57
Valine 2.87
Leucine 5.57
Isoleucine 2.19
Histidine 1.33
Arginine 2.30
Subject Matter *
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Making an Impact on Animal Nutrition

In digestibility and growth studies for tilapia, shrimp, trout, poultry, swine and dairy cattle, NexPro protein ingredient produced positive results across all species.


For Pacific white shrimp, tilapia and rainbow trout, we conducted separate studies replacing higher priced ingredients (like corn and soy protein concentrates) with NexPro, resulting in lower feed costs for aquaculture producers without impacting performance.


Due to the high metabolizable energy and amino acid digestibility, NexPro is a valued ingredient for nursery feeds.


Precision-fed rooster assay results, shows NexPro is a highly digestible feed ingredient for poultry.


As a highly digestible source of bypass protein, NexPro allows for more efficient utilization of protein in ruminant diets and can help reduce feed costs for dairy producers while maintaining consistent milk production.


As a high-quality plant-based fermented protein ingredient with an improved amino acid profile compared to other corn-based alternatives, NexPro is an ideal choice for pet food.

Better from Field to Feed

NexPro is unlike any other protein product. From the time corn comes in to the time NexPro ships out, we have more sample and testing points than our competitors to ensure the product we’re delivering is of a higher quality. We also have in-house research capabilities and an industry-leading mycotoxin evaluation program. And as a product of POET, you can trust that NexPro delivers on the heritage of high-performing products established over the years.

We’re FSSC 22000 Certified

As we continue to strive to be a trusted partner to all of our customers, our teams at POET – Shell Rock and POET – Fairmont continue to be industry leaders with their receipt of FSSC 22000 certification. These POET facilities are the first dry-grind bioethanol producers to achieve this food safety certification for our animal food ingredients!

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Add NexPro to Your Feed

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